'What's Round?' is episode 1. In this episode, Mario and Luigi go crazy!


The episode starts where Chuggaa Conroy the Yoshi is playing a videogame. In this game, Mario jumps into a building and goes to the beach. Today was Festival Day. So, Mario gets hurt by a Cataquack, and flew into the plastic ground. Mario begins to jump on the wires because he hates getting hurt by Cataquacks. He hopped off the wires and saw a watermelon look-a-like. He pulled the watermelon and broke it into pieces. He catches a falling coin and bought a new melon, he pulled the melon and the melon fell down the grass and rolled the street. Mario chases it but accidently got hurt again, and Mario was so grouchy that the Cataquack broke the melon into pieces. Mario starts getting a new watermelon and guards the melon from the Cataquacks, jumped on them and catching coins, and making it to the festival while the music from Super Mario Galaxy plays. Finally, he blends the melon from getting to the festival. The melon was blended into a drink. Mario loved to drink, so he jumps to the roof and starts the trick. He got hurt by the blender and he got hurt one more time, he decides to do just that--he catches the star to start the festival for a snack.