Super Mario 3D Land is the latest game to have a storm. In this game, Mario gets a letter in the intro.


That night, a storm makes its way to the Mushroom Kingdom, as it starts to blow leaves all over the place, Bowser's laugh is seen. Tomorrow morning, the storm stops (this storm was made by Bowser). A tree is seen and Mario or Luigi and the Toads run to the tree, beneath was an envelope (reference to Swapnote, but without eyes), Mario or Luigi opened it, but it frightened of Shigeru Miyamoto's drawing of Bowser with Peach and the leaves. So Mario or Luigi had gotten to save her.


The player takes control of Mario or Luigi, with the control pad or control stick. To jump, the player must press the A and B Button to jump. To crouch or enter a pipe, press the L and R button. Do a ground pound, or turn into a statue, try pressing the A or B button, then do L or R button to do it. Use the X or Y button to attack an enemy. There is much more moves you can do, like Dash and much much more.

Death and Game OverEdit


If Mario touches an enemy when small, falls into a pit or lava when big or small, the death music from Super Mario Bros. is played, but is a remix. Birds and stars will appear above his head. He tilts far back, he puts his hands up, and sits. Then, he was grabbed up, and then down then not over and over again.

Game OverEdit

When the player lose all of his or her lives, there is a yellow background on the 3DS, and Mario or Luigi comes onto the screen, sad, and the red words, Game Over appear. if the player manages to quit, Mario or Luigi will become even sadder. If the player manages to continue and try again, Mario or Luigi will walk away from the Game Over screen, and Toad will give him an ability and then the player must try again any level.